March 27, 2011

Baby G's 1st Bday

Not a person on earth wouldn't fall in love with these girls.  Big sister was such a sport; she didn't complain once with all the pictures I was making her take.  Not to mention, baby sister, who was celebrating her 1st birthday, was the biggest doll I have ever seen.

March 14, 2011

My son, the model!

I couldn't refuse to share these pictures of my son. He is so photogenic. I could take pictures of him all day long!

March 1, 2011

Fun with the "A" family!

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for some of the nicest people on earth.  Not only would they give you the shirt off their back but they are so funny.  Some of my favorite pictures were of them just laughing.

Totally not posed.  They just were having fun!

Such sweet girls!